Observations: Change Management is evolving. What we are going through is becoming the norm…

This is a recent conversation I had with one of my team members regarding frustration with today’s state of change management:

I had lunch with one of my former employees yesterday who is working in SMB healthcare.  His biggest complaint is drowning in audit requests and change management due to their compliance and legal changes.  My take away from our lunch was he is going through the same evolutionary and painful change processes we are.

Although it’s sometimes hard to reconcile, Change Management teams work really hard under the auspices of what this team is forced to manage and enforce.  It’s a ton of stress if you think about the entirety of IT.  Change Management is evolving.  What we are going through is becoming the norm when audited by SOX and PCI rules.  Other companies are struggling as we are.

As IT Engineers, we need to be patient.  My coaching to you is to not criticize, complain, or rail against these processes.  Change is uncomfortable.  How we figure out how we can embrace this and embed them into our culture is how we will be gauged on success.  To win, we need to open to changing culture, the concepts of continual education, and be a positive part of the solution.

Food for thought.

\\ JMM

IT Training: EMC vLabs

EMC vLab is a cloud based, virtual lab environment providing 24/7/365 access to hands-on labs for showcasing EMC products and solutions.

Please feel free to take a look around our site and the vLab offerings and if you want to see a lab in action, contact me or click on “Live Chat” for a hassle-free, no obligation test drive. Also keep an eye on our calendar for a Hands-on-Lab event that may be coming soon to your city!

Two options for finding more about vLab and what we have to offer:

vLab has an EMC Community Network (ECN) site open to customers, emc.im/EMCvLab or https://community.emc.com/community/connect/presales/vlab-interact

vLab has a Twitter account @EMCvLabHere is a list of vLabs that are currently available to access:

Here is a list of vLabs that are currently available to access:

Achieving Availability and Data Mobility Nirvana:VPLEX Metro

AppSync RP and ItemPoint with Exchange

AppSync with SQL Exchange and VMware

Avamar 7.0 VM Recovery & Instant Access

Avamar 7.1 Exchange 2013 DAG Backup and Recovery



DataDomain RMAN Direct with DDBoost

Data Protection for XtremIO 4.0 with RecoverPoint 4.1.2

Deploying Hadoop with EMC Isilon and Vmware

Deploying Hadoop on Isilon

Deploying ScaleIO in a VMware ESX Environment

Disaster Recovery using RecoverPoint

DPA 6.2 Data Protection Advisor

D2 4.2

EMC Avamar 7.0 Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery

EMC Avamar 7.1 VM Recovery & Instant Access

EMC Captiva 7.1

EMC Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications: MS SQL

EMC Data Domain Boost for SAP HANA

EMC Documentum Capital Projects

EMC InfoArchive 3.2 – Application Decommissioning

EMC Integration with SAP LVM

EMC Kazeon 4.7

EMC NetWorker and RecoverPoint-The Data Protection Continuum

EMC Networker 8.2 with Exchange 2013 DAG

EMC Service Assurance Suite 9.3

EMC Storage Analytics for VNX Overview

EMC Storage Solution with OpenStack

EMC ViPR SRM 3.6 – Visualize, Analyze and Optimize Your Storage

EMC VNX2 File Migration

Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud v2.5.1

Introduction to CloudArray 5.1

Introduction to ProtectPoint with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) on the VMAX3

Introduction to VMAX3 Family

Introduction to VPLEX and VPLEX Integrated Array Services

Introduction to VPLEX Virtual Edition 2.1

Isilon Cluster Setup, Config & Mgmt

Isilon Enterprise Ready with OneFS 7.1 Enhancements

Isilon InsightIQ 3.1

Isilon OneFS 7.1 Management, SmartConnect and SmartDedupe

Life Sciences Solution Suite

MetroPoint Overview Using RecoverPoint 4.1 Simulator


NetWorker 8.1 Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery

NetWorker 8.1 Protection for VMware

NetWorker 8.2 for SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 AoAG

NetWorker Snapshot Management: NAS Data Protection Lifecycle

Networker with Data Domain

Next-Generation Storage Monitoring for VNX Family

Oracle AWR Reports for Mitrend Analysis

Performance Analyzer for the VMAX3 Family

RecoverPoint for VMs

RecoverPoint vRPA Deployment


Replication Manager 5.4.0 Simulator

RM and RP with Oracle on VNX

RSA Archer eGRC 5.5 SP1 P1 – Demo v10.0

RSA Archer, ECAT, SecOps, SA – Demo v10.1

RSA Archer 5.5 SP2, VRM 1.1 SP1 – Demo v10.0

RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 SP1 Demo v1.03

RSA Data Loss Prevention 9.6

RSA ECAT 4.0 – Demo 10.0

RSA ECAT 4.0, Security Analytics 10.4 – Demo v10.1

RSA IMG aka Aveksa Demo v1.0

RSA Web Threat Detection 5.0.1

SourceOne Archiving and eDiscovery 7.1.2

Syncplicity for End-Users and Administrators

The Isilon Data Lake with Spark and HBase

Unisphere Analyzer For VNX2

ViPR Controller 2.2 – Automating Delivery of Storage Services

ViPR Controller 2.2 – Cinder Integration

ViPR Software-Defined Storage Administration-Configuration

ViPR 1.1 Storage-as-a-service Development and Integration

ViPR 2.0 Storage-as-a-Service Development and Integration

VMware NSX Introduction

VMware vSphere Integration with the VNXe3200

VMware vSphere Integration with VNX2

VNXe3200 Management and Snapshots

VNXe3200 Unisphere Management

VNX2 Storage Management and Administration

VNX2 Storage Monitoring For Your Business Needs

VSPEX BLUE – Build and Manage Your HCI Appliance

VSPEX Private Cloud with Hyper-V

VSPEX-SharePoint 2010

xCP 2.1 and xPression 4.5 SP1

xPression 4.5 SP1

XtremCache Performance Benefits

XtremIO v3.0 XMS GUI and CLI Simulator